The Customer Success Network operates as the central hub and premier networking forum for Customer Success professionals worldwide. The CSN empowers client-facing experts to collaborate with their peers in sharing best practices, implementation tips, key metrics, and CS transformation trends.


Join a global network of Customer Success professionals that is committed to cultivating knowledge exchange, and establishing a CS community. Learn from thought leaders and key decision makers in the field, and become one yourself, by staying current with every advancement in the Customer Success industry.


The CSN Council welcomes your contributions to the forum, and looks forward to engaging with you. Our board aims to grow our collective intellectual capital by creating an unparalleled CS resource that is continuously expanding. If you have ideas for how to improve our offerings, please submit your contributions by contacting us.
Meet the Council


Membership to the CSN is open to any professional interested in learning about Customer Success, or working in a customer-facing role. We look forward to your contributions to the Customer Success Network, hearing about your experiences in the field, and the ensuing stimulating discussions.

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