Eraj Siddiqui - Customer Success Leader Centrify

Eraj is a seasoned SaaS Customer Success leader, proficient in building & guiding global CS teams. He is a Director of Adoption Services at Autodesk, the leading developer of design software. His previous CS leadership experience includes positions at Centrify, Digimarc and PowerReviews. Eraj consistently creates customer lifetime value through scalable onboarding practices, singular focus on product-market fit, and optimized operations that deliver value to stakeholders...Read more

James Townsend is passionate about helping sales organizations achieve outstanding results using ConnectAndSell.  A former ConnectAndSell customer himself, he brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective to the organization. His recipe for Customer Success is rather simple – just like conversations, relationships matter. Once you get the relationship right, everything else is mechanics. He thrives on maximizing the value ConnectAndSell ...Read more

Protik Mukhopadhyay - Customer Success PROS

Protik Mukhopadhyay manages the west coast Customer Success team for PROS (Big  Data analytics for Sales and Marketing). He works with strategic customers by building long-term relationships and ensuring they realize full value from their investment with PROS analytics products. He has many years of experience in sales and marketing business transformation with previous positions at NetApp, the Federal Reserve Bank, and Brocade ...Read more

Matt Harmon - Customer Success Egnyte


Matt manages the Customer Retention and Adoption teams at Egnyte. The Customer Retention team focuses on working with all customers who are not happy or looking to move away, while the Customer Adoption team reaches out to all new customers with a scheduled cadence to drive adoption by educating customers about the platform. He is responsible for reducing churn from 20% to <5% in new accounts, and driving revenue up on new accounts by 15% ...Read more

Omid Razavi - Customer Success Leader

Omid Razavi is a software executive, entrepreneur, and advisor to technology companies and venture firms on Customer Success and revenue growth. He has managed sales, global services, and support organizations for 20+ years, and most recently, was Global VP of Customer Success and Growth at SAP/SuccessFactors. Omid advises traditional software companies on how to transition to SaaS, as well as helping XaaS companies develop and execute customer strategies ...Read more

Sanjeev Sisodiya - Customer Success Persistent Systems

Sanjeev is the Chief Customer Success Officer at Persistent Systems. For the first twenty years of his career, Sanjeev was a developer, Principal Engineer, and CTO for a variety of Silicon Valley companies. During this time, he gained a keen awareness of both the promise and the inherent complexity of software development. In retrospect, he’s been moving ever closer to the role of helping customers understand this dichotomy ...Read more

Celia Gouveia - Customer Success Glint

Celia leads customer success, responsible for (and extremely passionate about) ensuring customers achieve ultimate success at Glint. Prior to Glint, Celia led a platinum customer team at SuccessFactors focusing on customer satisfaction throughout the suite of talent management solutions through the acquisition by SAP. Celia has held various roles throughout her career in leading customer success, technical support, training,...Read more

Anna Connell - Customer Success Flexera Software

Anna is VP of Account Management and Compliance at Flexera Software. Anna has over 20 years working in the Customer Success and Renewal management space.  At Flexera, she has responsibility for over 40% of the company’s annual bookings budget. Under her leadership, Flexera has increased ARR by 60% in the last 4 years and has built up a team of dedicated account managers who regularly maintain <5% churn with their enterprise and SaaS accounts....Read more

Lauren Costella - VP of Customer Success, Medrio

Lauren loves working with people and helping them to achieve success! In fact, it’s been a common theme throughout her career. From supporting over 40,000 volunteers in her time at Scholarship America, to caring for our Nation's Service members and families at the Pentagon, to now running global Customer Success strategy for Searchmetrics, she’s happiest when she has the opportunity to educate and help others accomplish their goals.....Read more

Irene Lefton - VP of Customer Success, Medigram

Irene conveys the voice of the customer when setting strategy from go to market planning through maximizing customers for life.  She creates effective post-sale teams in startups by hiring and mentoring customer focused staff and applying scalable processes. With 20+ years of experience, Irene has successfully built and operated multiple global services, support, and customer success teams .....Read more

Sue Nabeth Moore - Customer Success Leader, Paris

Sue's excited to be part of this great customer success network initiative. Sue is British and lives in Paris where she has a European company in customer success consultancy services. It's a fabulous time to be part of this emerging role. .....Read more

Mark Pecoraro - Principal at CS Leadership

With over 2+ decades executive experience in post-sales, high-value, B2B Software/SaaS solutions, Mark brings an immense background of skills and experience to help SaaS companies of all sizes enhance their Customer Success capabilities. For the last decade, his focus has been in venture funded Silicon Valley SaaS companies of all sizes and industries. Additionally, he has implemented Customer Success platforms .....Read more

Carina Brewer - Customer Success Consultant

Carina found her way into Customer Success through a variety of roles including technical consultant, sales engineer, and account manager. She realized that she was great on large accounts where relationship building was essential. Carina’s professional journey to Customer Success has been gradual, but the impact has been life changing. .....Read more

Matt Edwards - VP of Customer Success & Services at Alation

Matt is a talented customer success executive and technology polymath with special expertise in agile management from vision development through execution. He currently heads the Customer Success team at WhiteHat Securities where his team ensures each and every customer maximizes the full value of their investment .....Read more

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