Joe Browns and Qubit Taking Customer-Centricity to the Next Level

[LONDON – 8 AUGUST 2017] – Joe Browns, the UK-based men’s and womenswear lifestyle brand, has revealed substantial incremental return on investment thanks to its growing relationship with Qubit, the market leader in personalization technology. Joe Browns have been working with Qubit since 2016 and thanks to its unique platform, have been able to quickly evaluate a multitude of different online customer experiences without making upfront and costly changes to the site. Having enjoyed conversion uplifts of up to 5%, they’re now ready to roll out structural changes on the site. Joe Browns’ ecommerce team will move to a second phase of experience design and delivery in the autumn that includes the development of an online segmentation and personalization strategy. “With Qubit we’ve been able to test the best ways of creating more relevant and rewarding experiences for our customers,” said Simon Lewis, Head of E-commerce at Joe Browns. “Now we’re developing a segmentation and personalization strategy to drive customer loyalty, and create a truly engaging and relevant experience, no matter who you are or what you are looking for on the site. Broad-stroke optimisation to every visitor is not where we see the future, we need to be smarter in the ways we engage different segments of customers.” Joe Browns has also been ramping up its digital investment as part of its plans for international expansion and ahead of opening its first retail store later in the year. They have recognized the need to develop the customer experiences they’ve already created, and have a personalization strategy that can tailor to each visitor. Internationally, each market will have different requirements for personalization, and Qubit acts as a solution that can scale and flex to these requirements. “Accompanying Joe Browns on their personalization journey as they grow internationally is something Qubit is really looking forward to,” said Graham Cooke, CEO of Qubit. “The Qubit platform will continue to enable them to be more competitive, help them achieve their business goals, and give the team an even better understanding of their visitors. Personalization is key to being a customer-centric business and I’m delighted they’ve already seen substantial ROI with our technology.” -ENDS- About Qubit Qubit is the leader in highly persuasive personalization at scale. Industry leaders in ecommerce, travel and gaming work with Qubit to transform the way they understand and influence their customers. Using the Qubit personalization platform, businesses like Ubisoft, CafePress, Topshop, Shiseido, Ladbrokes Coral, and Emirates are increasing revenue, building loyalty and significantly improving their marketing efficiency. Every week Qubit is used to personalize approximately $600 million in online sales. Headquartered in London, the company has offices in Europe and the US. For more information, please visit: About Joe Browns All items in the new SS17 collection can be found at A lifestyle brand like no other, Joe Browns exists to provide free-spirited individuals with unique garments that showcase their personalities and match their lust for life. Founded in 1998 as a menswear band, the mail order and online retailer now celebrates its differentiated position within the marketplace for both men’s and womenswear as well as footwear and accessories. Each of Joe Browns styles are made to be distinctive and unique with ranges that are colourful, exciting and different to anything found on the high street. Customers simply love the small details and original designs that really get people talking. Company Registration Number: 2540247 VAT Registration Number: 708 4067 38 Directors: S.F.Brown D.T.Abbott, P.Higgins, Address: Kandy Works, Brown Lane East, Holbeck, Leeds, LS11 0BT. Tel: 0113 270 6655 e-mail: You can also follow Joe Browns at: Contact George Barker, Qubit Communications Source: RealWire The post Joe Browns and Qubit Taking Customer-Centricity to the Next Level appeared first on Press Release Rocket.

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5 Things B2B Marketers Should Learn from B2C

The world of B2B marketing is changing rapidly. Over the past few years, we’ve seen trends emerge that challenge many of the traditional ways we think about demand generation. A great illustration of this movement was the latest SiriusDecisions “Demand Unit Waterfall”, released just a few months ago, which essentially redefines the definition of a B2B buyer. Rather than leads or accounts, it focuses on “demand units”, defined as “a buying group that has been organized to address a need the organization is challenged with” -- in other words, the group of key influencers with buying power within a given company. If there’s one common line between this and all the other evolutions in B2B marketing we’ve seen in recent years, it’s the evolution of a more targeted model for demand gen, which increasingly resembles consumer marketing in its emphasis on audience personalization. This evolution received a huge boost with the adoption of account-based marketing alongside traditional lead-led approaches, and has also been propelled more recently by the explosion in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in the B2B space, which is empowering marketers to do so much more with their customer data. Here are 5 ways in particular that B2B marketers can continue to evolve by taking a page from the B2C handbook: 1. Audience-centric marketing Behind the evolution of demand gen -- from fishing for leads, to named accounts, to combining both (“demand units”) -- is a recognition of the importance of understanding B2B audiences on a personal level. (In fact, for SiriusDecisions, identifying your Total Addressable Market sits right at the top of the funnel.) Of course, B2B audiences are made up of leads and accounts -- but that’s only part of the story. Audience-centric marketing is the difference between defining a qualified lead or account by checking-off the standard boxes (“job title”, “industry”, “company size”, etc), to zooming in and getting to grips with more personal information -- specifically, those relating to the individual leads’ relationship with their account, like responsibilities and job functions, site-level hierarchies, and capacity and propensity to buy. These are the insights that really separate between a potential customer and an unqualified lead. This echoes the approach of contemporary B2C marketing. Effective consumer marketers don’t merely spam you with every possible item or experience they can offer; instead, they’re using the right data on you to identify which offerings, if any, would be most relevant. That data can range from your age/social demographic, where you live and work, your previous related purchases, your personal interests and even your attitudes and beliefs -- all of this gleaned from a huge range of data sources spanning online cookies, intent data and other third-party structured and unstructured data (more on that later). 2. Greater Personalization Knowing who their target audiences are enables marketers to consistently serve the right content to the right people. The advantages to both customers and vendors alike are obvious. For the former, it means a far more pleasant, less intrusive or irritating customer experience. Customers who receive relevant content are much more likely to consider buying than those served content -- even on potentially useful products or services -- which doesn’t speak to them. Consumer marketers do this as a matter of course. It’s no coincidence, for example, that Amazon manages to consistently serve you with relevant ads. Their eCommerce division combines the enormous masses of data at their disposal with AI, to accurately predict what kinds of offerings will resonate with you. For B2B marketers, greater personalization means more efficiency and greater ROI. Marketing efforts won’t be wasted on unqualified leads or accounts, and sales will similarly save time by only focusing on genuinely qualified prospects. Tailoring content more personally also means their marketing spend can go a lot further. For example, personalized emails are can generate a sixfold increase in in transaction rates than generic email campaigns. 3. Omni-channel marketing On a related note: personalization also opens the potential for B2B marketers to fully utilize all the channels available to them in ways that have until now been impossible. For example, online ad campaigns are seen as notoriously ineffective in the B2B world. But that’s more a function of the two-dimensional, “traditional” B2B methodology -- i.e. just target a specific group of company IP addresses and hope the right people at those accounts will see a relevant ad. Unsurprisingly, you won’t get far by simply throwing content in the general direction of your customers and hoping it lands in front of the right person. Direct mail poses similar challenges: it’s a particularly high-cost strategy, which is only worth pursuing if you’re confident of a reasonably high response rate. Switching to an audience-centric model helps to narrow the field significantly. Using the right individual-level data can make targeting far more effective for B2B marketers too, by ensuring the campaigns they’re investing in are reaching the right audiences. To illustrate: a recent Facebook ad campaign we ran at Leadspace saw a 25% lift in click-through rates when we utilized AI to target a more specific, relevant audience. 4. Speak wants and needs, not product features Every B2B marketer worth their salt knows that to reach your prospects, you need to address the problems you’re solving rather than the specific features of your product or service, no matter how impressive or sophisticated they are. And yet, so many B2B marketers are still putting their audiences to sleep by yammering away about their product’s shiniest features. The reason for this is that it’s impossible to talk to your customers’ needs if you don’t know who they are and what their pain points are. Without that vital intelligence, the only alternative is to either talk generically or simply fall back on the product itself and hope some relatively informed prospects will respond. Ultimately, the people who you want to sign a check will only do so in return for solutions to their own business problems. They aren’t interested in “state of the art,” “best in class,” or “advanced XYZ” -- they’re looking for ways to be more effective at their jobs, save time, and avoid pressure from other departments or their managers. Again, marketers can find that information by getting the right customer data -- but it’s also just as important to listen to your customers themselves for important insights and feedback. 5. Turn customers into advocates The most successful consumer brands know that their interaction with their customers doesn’t end with a sale. B2C marketers work hard to ensure their customers will keep coming back for more, and ideally act as advocates and encourage their friends to buy. The idea of turning B2B customers into advocates sounds almost bizarre at first -- B2B marketers aren’t selling anything fashionable, cool or viral. But so what? B2B customers aren’t looking for fashionable, cool or viral. By taking an audience-centric approach, B2B marketers can understand their customers’ most urgent pain points and then effectively solve them. Isn’t helping your customers sleep well at night knowing they’re doing their job better than ever before enough reason for them to become fans? Bringing it all together Many B2B marketers are starting to do at least some of these things already, perhaps without even realizing it. But as demand generation continues to evolve, the most successful marketers will be those who combine them all to provide truly audience-centric marketing campaigns which truly resonate with their target audiences. With legacy technology, marketers are getting an imperfect view of who their customers are and what they want. Download the Customer Experience Simplified to learn how to manage your customer experience and give them what they want. Image credit: Pexels

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Drive Positive Outcomes with Superior Customer Experience Management: Live Webinar by AudioSolutionz

This live webinar will examine how CX management can help companies identify customer journeys, interactions and expectations to ensure customer perceptions are positive. Durham, NC (PRWEB) August 08, 2017 AudioSolutionz, a division of audio conference and corporate education leader ProEdTech, will host the live webinar “Customer Experience Management: The New Imperative For Customer Satisfaction” with process management expert Duke Okes, FASQ, CMQ/OE, on Thursday, August 17, 2017 at 1:00 pm ET. This session will help customer service managers learn how to use customer experience (CX) management methods to identify the customer journeys, interactions and expectations their organizations should focus on in order to ensure customer perceptions are positive. As methods for achieving customer satisfaction have evolved, CX has become today’s standard in B2C markets; however, it has proven equally effective for managing B2B relationships. Every interaction between two organizations or between a company and a consumer, whether human or electronic, provides an opportunity for creating an impression that will influence future decisions. How a supplier of products or services is perceived goes far beyond how well the product or service meets requirements. With CX, organizations can identify key touch points and use them to drive positive outcomes with both their customers and their business partners. This event by Duke Okes will help companies identify customer journeys, interactions and the organization's expectations in order to achieve optimum customer satisfaction. Duke will also explain how to prevent customers from wanting to look for alternative suppliers, and how critical CX practices can be adopted to keep them coming back for more. This session will help site supervisors, HR managers, business owners, purchasing managers and others understand:     The need for real feedback, versus just survey data     Factors that create barriers or success     How to get employees engaged     How customer journeys can be analyzed to identify the greatest opportunities     Why transparency is such a critical component     Why organizations often don’t think about it     Metrics for monitoring progress towards improved net promoter score (NPS) For more information, and to register, visit Get $30 off on our conferences and webinars. Use Code PRWEB30 on checkout (applicable for all purchases). About ProEdTech ProEdTech is a leading source of knowledge and training for professionals in over 15 industries, serving individuals, businesses and their employees around the globe. It offers webinars, online conferences, seminars, boot camps, books, DVDs, white papers, industry reports and other learning tools from industry experts and insiders who provide a fresh perspective on key issues, trends and regulations in order to simplify governance, risk and compliance (GRC) for enterprises and industry professionals. ProEdTech’s AudioEducator webinars offer updates, regulatory knowledge and information on the latest news in various medical specialties, as well as coding and billing updates, and analysis of regulations that affect ambulatory surgical centers, home health, long term care and hospice facilities, hospitals and healthcare systems, health insurers and physician practices. Webinars are also offered through AudioSolutionz in the technology, human resources, construction and housing, ICT and telecom, manufacturing, consumer packaged goods and retail, safety and security, transportation, energy and environment, education, trade, and chemicals industries. ProEdTech’s Eli Financial platform offers tax and banking professionals, focusing on providing high-quality online training products customized for U.S. lenders and tax practitioners that include the latest updates from the IRS, CFPB and other regulatory authorities. Lawyers across the United States depend on Eli CLE for top quality online continuing legal education (CLE) programs, which can be completed for MCLE credits. ProEdTech regularly provides professionals the opportunity to get answers to their most complex questions directly from experts, without having to attend costly live conferences. To learn more, visit: For the original version on PRWeb visit: The post Drive Positive Outcomes with Superior Customer Experience Management: Live Webinar by AudioSolutionz appeared first on Press Release Rocket.

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10 Critical Features to Add to Your Commerce Platform RFP

The three areas most crucial to focus on to achieve success are improving the customer experience, putting your marketing & merchandizing team in the driver seat, and finally ensuring platform flexibility and longevity for your IT team. Any company considering a new eCommerce platform should evaluate each of these areas in depth to ensure your end customers, your business team, and your IT team...

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RapidScale Hires Meighan Agresta as VP, Finance & Administration

Meighan now handles all facets of RapidScale's finance and administration. Irvine, CA (PRWEB) August 08, 2017 RapidScale, a leader in managed cloud services, welcomes Meighan Agresta to the team as Vice President, Finance & Administration. Meighan and her family are based in Raleigh, N.C. She is responsible for all facets of finance and administration, including accounting, billing, commissions and human resources. She comes to RapidScale with over 16 years of experience in the data center and managing cloud services business, excelling in financial and sales tracking, establishing accounting platforms and implementing policies and procedures for both finance and administration tasks. Prior to joining RapidScale, Meighan was Director of Business Operations at TierPoint, a national provider of IT and data center services. Meighan was one of the first hires at the data center startup company Hosted Solutions 16 years ago, which was then acquired by Windstream Communications in 2010. At Windstream, she continued with her finance and administration duties and began managing and supporting sales transactions, renewals and expired contracts for the data center business unit. In 2015, Windstream divested their data center assets and the Hosted Solutions organization was acquired by TierPoint, where Meighan continued to manage all business operations related to billing, order processing and sales commissions. “I have been very fortunate to be surrounded by great people in the past where I was able to learn and grow as the company continued to scale. I remember walking in my first day at Hosted Solutions over 16 years ago, with just a handful of people in the office all working hard to create a culture that would be fueled by ambition, excitement and growth. That is exactly why I found this opportunity to be so attractive. I see a company filled with an entrepreneurial spirit, a hunger for growth and a commitment to customer excellence. I am excited that I have an opportunity to execute on the 16 years of knowledge and experience I gained working for both a startup and public company with RapidScale.” RapidScale COO William Hiatt says, “As we accelerate our rapid year-over-year growth, we must invest in our people to ensure we continue to deliver an excellent customer experience. Meighan is an excellent addition to the team and I am looking forward to her contributions through our continued expansion.” Meighan joins RapidScale’s growing team in Raleigh, with other key leaders like EVP, Sales & Marketing Bob Buchanan, and SVP, Cloud Engineering Duane Barnes already located there. The cloud provider has been strategically growing the team in this market and is also expanding its office space into a premier facility in downtown Raleigh in Q3 2017 to support a team upwards of 30 employees. About RapidScale RapidScale, a managed cloud services provider, delivers world-class, secure, and reliable cloud computing solutions to companies of all sizes across the globe. Its state-of-the-art managed CloudDesktop platform and market-leading cloud solutions are the reasons why RapidScale is the provider of choice for leading MSOs, VARs, MSPs, Carriers and Master Agents throughout the United States. RapidScale is not only delivering a service but also innovating advanced solutions and applications for the cloud computing space. RapidScale’s innovative solutions include CloudServer, CloudDesktop, CloudOffice, CloudMail, CloudRecovery, CloudApps, and more. For more information on RapidScale, visit Media Contact Sommer Figone | Marketing Manager Marketing(a) For the original version on PRWeb visit: The post RapidScale Hires Meighan Agresta as VP, Finance & Administration appeared first on Press Release Rocket.

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6 Reasons why deep linking is a killer idea (Side-A)

For Netflix bingers like me, this title is not just a click-bait but also a quick reference to Netflix’s most-watched series this season – 13 Reasons Why. The reason I took the effort and your time to explain the reference is because this post is a result of something Netflix did to me, a week ago. A week ago, I got one of those emails from Netflix about how I had left a show mid-way and if I would like to continue watching it. I was bored -doing nothing- so I opened the mail and clicked on the show named ’13 Reasons Why’. The link did not just take me to the homepage of Netflix, nor did it just launch the app on my phone. It triggered the app to open the player and start playing the show from the exact point, where I left watching. What are deep links? Deep links are links which take you to a designated piece of content, directly. Deep links are used to direct traffic to a certain page without leaving the user journey at the discretion of the user by trusting their navigation on a website or mobile app. Deep links exist in both websites and mobile apps. Deep Links on the web: Deep links on the web are so common that they aren’t even called by that name. They are called by the more commonplace name – direct links. They are an extension of the website URL, which takes you to a specific page hosted on the website’s domain. For example, our website’s URL is , which will take you to the homepage of our website. You can then choose to navigate to our other pages from there. But if I provide you with a deep link – , it takes you to the ‘features’ page, directly, which I think you should totally check out. Deep Links in Mobile Apps: Instead of URLs, mobile apps operate on URIs or Uniform Resource Identifier. A mobile app deep link can trigger a pre-installed mobile app or take you to a particular screen inside the mobile app. A more complex and recent category of deep-links, -deferred deep links- have come to be even more useful. They check whether a certain mobile app is pre-installed or not and then take you to a specified screen inside the mobile app. The extra ability is to take the user to the app store installation page for that mobile app, and to subsequently take the user to the desired screen upon installation. Since a lot has already been written, talked and implemented about web deep-links, we are going to focus specifically on the capabilities and effective implementation of mobile deep-links from a marketer’s perspective. Mobile deep links have been around for a long time now. For developers, it has been around since iOS 2.0, which makes it almost a decade old. The adoption has been pretty lethargic more because of the limited measurable implications of deep linking than anything else. But times have changed. Today, marketers are making use of deferred deep links and contextual deep-links to such effect & magnitude, that it has become a must have in every marketer’s arsenal. So, if you’re an app marketer serious about acquisition, retention, and conversion as a whole, we present to you the reasons why deep links are your thing. 1. Email Marketing Why: Most ROI effective channel in terms of reach and conversion. What to do: Something very similar to what Netflix does and also did to me. Send contextual deep links to your users and launch the app from exactly where they left off or from the point you want them to resume consumption or in-app activity. What’s the gain: Increased user engagement, better retention, and the increase in Active Users. 2. Display Marketing Why: One of the oldest and most relevant modes of high-reach marketing. What to do: Share a deferred deep link through your banner ads so that when the user has your app, it automatically fires up and if he doesn’t, it takes him to your app store download page. What’s the gain: The app when fired up, takes the user directly to the product advertised in the display ad. Thus, trimming the conversion cycle for better ad ROI. 3. Search Engine Marketing: Why: E-commerce’s top 3 channels of traffic. What to do: Provide deep links in your search engine ads. This will shorten the path of the user from the search engine – mobile website – mobile app – transaction. You can create the link in such a way that it automatically adds the product to the customer’s basket and the only step left is payment. What’s the gain: Less number of steps for the customer, lesser chances of cart abandonment. 4. Mobile App Promotion through Mobile Website Why: Native and cost-free channel of app installs What to do: Create app-only discounts on products and create a deferred link for each of those products. When the user clicks on any such CTA, it takes them to the app store, installs the app and takes the user to the specific product page, with auto-applied discount. What’s the gain: Seamless experience for the user when transitioning from mobile web to app, thus reducing the possible churn. 5. Affiliate Marketing Why: Pricey but reliable channel for targeted acquisition What to do: Pass a deferred deep-link as the affiliate link, which fires the app instead of the mobile website. It counters the frustration of getting to the exact product the users liked on the affiliate site, hence increasing the chance of conversion. What’s the gain: When a user who has the brand app installed, clicks on an affiliate link, they are sent to the mobile site for the brand and asked to log in instead of detecting and opening the mobile app, which creates a visible leak in the funnel. 6. Text-me-the-app links Why: Acts as a bridge between the desktop web and mobile app experience What to do: Text-me-the-link works great for all businesses looking to build context through traditional SEO and driving that earned traffic to their mobile app. When you text the mobile-app link to the user, text a deep link with curated products and offers for new users. What’s the gain: Your mobile app’s first moment-of-truth with the customer is the best foot forward. The personalization in terms of deals and products has much higher chances of conversion and retention than a ‘vanilla’ home page welcome. Is there a Side – B? Mobile deep links, though half a decade into existence, have started to find utility rather lately. This post was a primer to the concept and one of the biggest challenge of app-centric businesses – acquisition. Side – B of this post will deal with the next step in the funnel; customer engagement and retention using deep-linking. Till then, implement the strategies, tell us if they worked or bombed and continue binging on the weekends.

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LAD Solutions is Ranked as a Top SEO Firm in the US by TopAgency

TopAgency recently announced that the company has listed LAD Solutions, a Los Angeles SEO firm, as one of the Top SEO Firms in the US for 2017. Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) August 08, 2017 LAD Solutions has been ranked among the top SEO companies in the United States for the year 2017 by TopAgency. The announcement comes as TopAgency concludes its latest research, recognizing the top sixteen SEO companies in the United States that have proven their excellence by delivering result-oriented services. TopAgency provides a platform to all promising IT firms from across the globe. Offering B2B research along with consumer review services, TopAgency provides services that are designed to satisfy both service providers and clients. The company has an established methodology that is designed to accurately rank all of the listed companies in TopAgency's system in order to produce the listing of Top SEO Firms for each year. In order to compile the rankings, TopAgency first analyzed LAD Solutions on the basis of basic parameters to determine their reliability. These basic parameters include time in the market, service sector percentage in SEO, client base, financial status, quality of client base, repeat business rate, client retention, and the quality of the core services provided by the company. The core services offered by LAD Solutions include search engine optimization, local SEO, PPC management, Google penalty removal services, social media management, branding, online reputation management, and web design and development services. With high customer satisfaction ratings and result-producing white-hat SEO practices, LAD Solutions scored highly on all measures set by TopAgency analysts. LAD Solutions is also recognized nationwide and currently maintains an A+ grade that has been rewarded by Better Business Bureau (BBB). Recognition from TopAgency demonstrates the proficiency of LAD Solutions in delivering top-notch results given that the companies chosen for their 2017 Top SEO Firms list have outperformed hundreds of other IT agencies of the country. LAD Solutions has also been issued a TopAgency Badge that confirms the company's participation in TopAgency's research program. With a comprehensive company profile on TopAgency, LAD Solution’s clients can rely on the proof of quality provided by the extensive research that TopAgency has performed. A press release has been issued via the TopAgency website and a list of the firms, including LAD Solutions, that made the top sixteen list is available on the company’s website. To learn more about this special recognition, LAD Solutions has requested that interested parties contact their public relations team via phone or the company’s website at About LAD Solutions: LAD Solutions offers affordable search engine optimization services, local SEO, PPC campaign management services, web design and development services, as well as, reputation management services to business throughout the Los Angeles area and across the united states. As a nationally recognized SEO firm, the company excels in delivering superior results for its clients. To learn more about the services available from LAD Solutions, visit For the original version on PRWeb visit: The post LAD Solutions is Ranked as a Top SEO Firm in the US by TopAgency appeared first on Press Release Rocket.

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How to achieve global reach with ecommerce

Over the last 18 months, the currency market has been weakened by a series of international political shocks – from Brexit and Trump, to Theresa May’s poor performance at the UK general election. However, there can be an upside to political uncertainty. For example, the weak pound is making British exports more competitively-priced overseas. For UK based online sellers, there’s never been a better time to start selling to international buyers. In Australia things are somewhat more stable; more predictable.  Nevertheless, it can be daunting to start selling to overseas customers without prior experience, so the following tips for using ecommerce are a great place to start: 1. Research your markets If you’re already a successful online seller, it can be tempting to dive straight into international sales.  However, though there may be similarities between trading at home and overseas, it’s important to be conscious of the nuances. An understanding of your competition is particularly useful, as you may find the market has already been cornered by a local player and that you need to adapt your offering accordingly. Equally, you may discover that there’s a gap in the market that just isn’t being tapped – an excellent opening for you to exploit. If it’s achievable, travelling to the market in question can be a great way to build up your knowledge and deepen your understanding of local customers and their priorities. If not, the Department for Foreign Affairs and Trade offers in-depth country guides, which are an excellent resource for anyone looking to sell overseas. 2. Read up on local laws Once you’ve built up a basic knowledge of your chosen market and are confident it makes sense for you to sell there, it’s time to start digging into the details. Taxes and customs prohibitions vary by country, so it’s important to look at the small print and ensure you’ve looked into how this will affect you. Government websites can provide some great advice. However, if you need more information, you might also consider consulting an expert. Don’t forget to consider the finer points. For instance, you might not have considered things like local holidays, which can be vastly different to those in Australia. This doesn’t need to be a pitfall – in fact, China’s “Singles Day” (11 November) is the biggest online shopping day of the year, so being aware of this in advance is an excellent way to help you plan and boost sales in this market. 3. Invest in local SEO SEO is an excellent way to reach new international customers, and should be built into your expansion plan from the outset. Even if your target market is English-speaking, you can’t assume keywords will remain the same. Start by researching local keywords, as well as taking a look at your competitors and how they are managing SEO. Targeting the wrong keywords can lead to low traffic and a poor conversion rate, so this is important to get right from the beginning. 4. Manage international payments Foreign exchange is part and parcel of selling overseas, and unfortunately, that means navigating constant fluctuations in exchange rates. If you don’t want to lose out to poor exchange rates or crippling transfer fees, it’s critical to pay attention to currency. Partner up with a payments company that goes further than offering transparency and competitive exchange rates, which you should consider to be the basics. Some companies offer a tailored service for online sellers, helping you save money on both fees and exchange rates with virtual currency accounts ready to plug straight into your chosen ecommerce platform. 5. Partner for quality delivery As you’ll know from your experience selling to customers in Australia, quality delivery is critical to ensuring a smooth end-point to the buying process and continued customer satisfaction. It can be difficult to create a consistent delivery experience through a series of local suppliers, so it’s worth looking to a global delivery company whose specialist service is both cost-effective and gives customers control and visibility over their shipments. Look for a quality provider that can get you safely over the line, leaving you with nothing to worry about except a host of five-star reviews. About the author Jake Trask is FX research director at OFX , a specialist international transfer company with individual and corporate clients.

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TK Maxx celebrates the friction in its customer experience

A few months ago I wrote an article called: Do You Really Want To Create A Frictionless Customer Experience?, where I questioned the wisdom behind creating a frictionless experience. My central point in the

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Have You Asked for the Tat Chat With Your Haircolorist?

Susan Maccoy, expert cosmetologist, states in her white paper, "Tattoo – Hair Color Alert". There is a dangerous combination of cosmetic hair dyes and tattoos that is a pervasive, growing risk to American consumers including rashes, mild to severe allergic reactions and more. Chicago, Illinois (PRWEB) August 07, 2017 Tattoos. They’re everywhere . . . on all body parts, in all social circles. Body art has simultaneously achieved both celebrity and mainstream status . . . and simultaneously created a serious health risk. Today, more than 45 million Americans sport at least one tattoo. And for a large percentage of people with tattoos, they also engage in salon treatments involving dyes . . . and are unknowingly putting their health at risk.Tattoos. They’re everywhere . . . on all body parts, in all social circles. Body art has simultaneously achieved both celebrity and mainstream status. “It’s the public health hazard that no one is talking about,” says nationally-renown cosmetology professional and legal expert witness Susan Maccoy. “As the popularity and prevalence of tattoos have grown, public safety education about dyes in the body has not,” said Maccoy. “Most consumers don’t know the combination of hair dyes and body inks pose a very real health risk – including rashes, mild to severe allergic reactions, scalp injury, scarring, blindness, anaphylactic shock, and more. It’s a clear public health risk.”     Maccoy stressed every consumer needs to have what she calls the “Tat Chat” with their practitioner before initiating any salon treatment that includes dyes or additional tattoos. The “Tat Chat”, according to Maccoy, already is standard protocol in cosmetology training. In addition to practitioner training, the steps are outlined on all professional and consumer hair color dye packaging, per FDA mandate. “It’s the dirty little secret in the industry that practitioners are brushing off this protocol and conducting dye-based salon hair color treatments on customers. This protocol ensures safety for those that have either permanent or temporary tattoos,” Maccoy said. She added that consumers performing their own dye treatments at home need to be aware and self-test as these same warnings appear on consumer packaging, as well. Many may think that since they’ve had salon hair dye treatments while already tatted that they must be safe now. Not true, says Maccoy. These combination interactions have a latency factor, so just because the procedure goes seemingly without event, it does not mean that the reaction won’t manifest during a later treatment. “Just because you’ve had a dye-based treatment, such as hair coloring, before doesn’t mean you won’t have a reaction this next time,” Maccoy stressed. “Similarly, if you already have a tattoo, it doesn’t mean the next one will go without reaction. Now, if you combine the two, you take on a more complex level of risk for a negative reaction.” Maccoy also cautioned parents, citing the popularity of allowing children to have temporary tattoos because they’re perceived as “safe” when the latency factor for future medical ramifications is in full play. Clearly it pays to “think before you ink.” “That means every cosmetology salon customer must have the “Tat Chat” every time they go in for a dye-involved service,” Maccoy said. She outlined the specific steps for the Tat Chat and resulting test procedure. First and foremost, initiate the Tat Chat. Make sure your practitioner is made aware that you have a tattoo or any other dye-related treatments. Think beyond hair to include brows, henna tattoos, lashes, eyeliner, and tattoo lip color. A competent hair stylist will then take the following steps before proceeding with the scheduled beauty service: Have a thorough, fact-based conversation with the customer about the dangerous combination of tattoos and dye-based salon treatments. If the customer wants to proceed, then a “patch test” must first be conducted. A patch test is a limited, test exposure of the planned chemicals with the customer’s skin. The practitioner will select a test area behind one ear extending into the hairline or at the inside bend of the elbow, cleanse the area with mild soap, and then dry the patch. Then the planned chemical/dye solution is applied to the test area with a sterile cotton swab. The area should be left undisturbed for 48 hours. If any redness, swelling, burning, itching, or blisters appear, the customer is allergic and under no circumstance should proceed with the procedure. If the procedure is done despite these results, the customer is in medical danger and the practitioner open to a lawsuit. If the patch test does not result in any visible signs of negative reactions by the customer’s body, then the service can be administered. Before the customer leaves the salon, the practitioner should very clearly tell the customer what warning signs they should look for. Should a customer experience an adverse reaction to either the patch test or resulting procedure, they should seek medical help immediately. As tattoos continue to grow in popularity and their size grow on the bodyscape, so, too, do the medical dangers. “Until there is a dramatic breakthrough in the adherence of cosmetologists following protocols to avoid dangerous combinations of inks, consumers are going to have to be diligent about having The Tat Chat every time they’re in the salon”, Maccoy warned. Visit the White Paper at–hair-color-safety-alert.html Press Contact: Susan Maccoy 312-771-8086 Susan(at)SusanMaccoy(dot)com ### More about SUSAN MACCOY Maccoy is an award-winning hair artist, image consultant, beauty educator, expert witness, and consultant to the hair care, beauty salon, and spa industry. As an educator, Susan Maccoy has taught and lectured nationally and internationally. She has rendered product testing and consulting services for such companies as Clairol Professional, Inc., Helene Curtis, Glemby International, Alberto Culver, Nancy Flynn Marketing Resources Inc., and Restore Products. Maccoy is the winner of the Clairol Hair Fashion Award, Glemby International's Outstanding Achievement Award, and Today's Chicago Woman Reader's Choice Award. Maccoy has been featured in magazines such as Vogue, Women's Day, Redbook, Teen Magazine, Modern Salon, Miami Herald, Chicago Tribune and many others. In addition, she is the author of "Down the Shampoo Bowl – The ABC's of Hair Salon Management". A world-class expert witness and consultant, Maccoy is a Certified Forensic Litigation Consultant [CFLC] and a Professional Member of the Forensic Expert Witness Association ~ FEWA. Her engagements encompass the full range of cosmetology procedures, policies, and salon management, product liability, and standard of care in the beauty salon and spa industry plus matters involving product development, product liability, professional liability, and employee and consumer injuries. Expert Witness Profile – Forensic Expert Witness Association~FEWA Expert Witness Profile – Consultant Profile Expert Witness Profile – Juris Pro Visit the White Paper at–hair-color-safety-alert.html For the original version on PRWeb visit: The post Have You Asked for the Tat Chat With Your Haircolorist? appeared first on Press Release Rocket.

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