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Irene Lefton
2018 Top 100 Customer Success Strategist, VP Customer Success, Author

Irene conveys the voice of the customer across the organization to drive profitable recurring revenue. Her background spans multiple industries and use cases, and with 20+ years of experience, she has successfully built and operated multiple global services, support, and customer success teams in the US, Europe and Asia. As a thought leader who co-chairs the Customer Success Network Governing Council and a contributor on the Customer Success Association Standards Committee Irene advises companies on CS strategy and frequently presents CS topics at meetups and conferences. She was most recently VP of CS for Lastline, a top provider of network security products and she has previously held other VP of Customer Success executive positions, sat on advisory boards, and mentors early stage startups.

Irene is customer focused in every way, she is an advocate for increasing diversity in management teams, has worked and lived in Europe, and has driven results for companies ranging from start-up to large public enterprises. She is a beloved manager and creates effective teams by setting appropriate strategy, hiring and mentoring customer focused staff and applying scalable processes. With a BA in Economics and an MBA from the University of NM, she is a lifelong learner who is currently finishing her book titled “Who Speaks for the Customer?”

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