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Kim Oslob

Sr. Dr of Customer Engagement at MeasuringU

Kim Oslob is a seasoned CS Executive and has worked in Customer Success for over 10 years. She has lead and built multiple teams globally working directly with CEOs and Executive teams. Kim has been sought out as a consultant to several companies and also serves as a Sr Advisor to the Barcelona Customer Success Meetup Group. She is well known for building our Global CS teams, gathering metrics, and developing processes to drive retention, cross-sells, and upsells. She was voted Top 100 Global Customer Success Strategist in 2018 and is frequently asked for advice from founders in tech and asked to mentor new and upcoming CS professionals. She has written several blogs, spoken at events, and has been an invited speaker on several podcasts. She currently holds a position as Sr. Director of Customer Experience at MeasuringU where she heads up Sales and Customer Success.

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