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Lauren Costella
Top 100 Customer Success Influencer and Evangelist, Change Agent, VP of CS at Goodtime
As VP of Customer Success, Lauren Costella is tasked with overseeing’s growing and renowned Customer Success (CS) team. She brings extensive experience to her role at GoodTime, having been the VP of Customer Success for Medrio and having held numerous senior management and directorial positions at global SaaS companies, such as Searchmetrics and BrightEdge.

She also serves as a Board Member for the Customer Success Network, a thought leader and speaker in the Customer Success space, and publishes articles and information on her blog. She also spent two years as a Strategic Communications advisor for the U.S. Department of Defense. Lauren holds a Master’s Degree in Sociology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication, both from Stanford University. And fun fact, she was a distance swimmer for 17 years; she holds 2 National titles and a Bronze medal from World University Games.

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