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Leadership Research

What makes a Great CS Leader?

The Customer Success Leadership Network (CSLN)  has joined with the Customer Success Leadership Institute (CSLI) to complete some research that is focused on identifying and improving the contribution and effectiveness of CS leaders across the globe.  In order to determine an acceptable standard, the CSLI has partnered with Thomas International, a specialized talent assessment provider, to research
and build an understanding of the work and characteristics of successful leaders in our field. The research is also supported by the UK based Customer Success Network and Gain, Grow, Retain; providing access to leaders from all of the leading global communities for CS leaders.

The research will examine three dimensions of CS leadership:

• What are the core tasks of CS leadership and what does good look like?
• What skills and behaviors do the best CS leaders possess?
• What does a CS leader need to know?

The result will be a competency model that will provide the base for developing reliable development tools including an accredited qualification for CS leaders

If you are a CS Leader – We want and need your participation!  if you are a CSM or CS Practitioner – We need your help to send this to the leaders you respect so that their participation can help us drive the standard.