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CSLN October Meetup

Planning your Customer Success Kickoff

Companies have started planning for 2021. Is your customer success team ready? Do you have a budget? what happens if you don’t have an event focused on getting your team focused? What happens if you don’t make a plan?

It isn’t too early to start planning your customer success kickoff! In fact, some companies have already hosted one.  Join our panel discussion to learn how you can implement one for your team.

Whether you’re leading a small startup or a large global organization, now is the time to carve out a budget and time to educate the people serving customers and get them ready for executing on your plans for 2021. Underinvesting in team development can lead to churn, low morale, and loss of direction for your team. How are companies like Square, Mavenlink, Bazaarvoice, and others planning for 2021? How are you? 

Some things to ask yourself: What are the top priorities for your company? How can your team align with the goals while serving customers?  Where are the gaps? Join us on the 28th and learn more… 

Join the Customer Success Network

Membership to the CSN is open to any professional interested in learning about Customer Success, or working in a customer-facing role. We look forward to your contributions to the Customer Success Network, hearing about your experiences in the field, and the ensuing stimulating discussions.